Global sales experts

Assist sellers in cross-border overseas sales

Professional station building system, many to one station building service, systematic training, senior category traffic support

30 minutes to build a station and go directly to the world

Select shopijk Free 100000 traffic

Exclusive style store for global sales

Multi product theme store type Make your brand different

Enterprise level station building tool

Coping with differences in shopping habits

Multi site, multi language, multi currency, flexible settlement method

Background interaction and functions are more in line with the usage habits of Chinese sellers and improve operation efficiency

Rich marketing tools to create a hot shopping atmosphere and improve the convenience of purchase

Multi flow inlet and fission capacity

Fully attract customers and promote re purchase

  • Facebook, Google, instagram, tiktok and other Omni channel access
  • Low cost fission of distribution tools to gain customers and improve ROI
  • Upgrade the membership system again, improve re purchase and reduce the cost of getting customers
  • Rich app access in App Store
  • Stable store performance and guaranteed data security

24*7 service (one-to-one exclusive service)

SHOPIJK has a professional technical and service team and devotes himself to creating value for your growth

1. Intelligent 7*12 hour real-time online customer service  
2. Full set of self-help online video teaching guide 3. Many to one exclusive customer successful service         

Customer success service team

1.100 + signed lecturer of shopijk private meeting
2. 700 + online course content                  
3. Offline training / salon, online live broadcast and other training resources

SHOPIJK private club

1. Category operation experts with years of independent station operation practice
 2.6 major support services are jointly created with sellers, covering all-round optimization guidance for account diagnosis, advertising and channel expansion

Category operation expert support service

1.15 + top senior traders in the industry, experts with more than 10 years of practical experience
2.6 large brand overseas hosting service empowerment, customized station building, refined operation and delivery and drainage full link closed-loop control

Brand overseas trusteeship service

High flow support one-to-one service SHOPIJKAssist independent sellers in cross-border global transactions

High-traffic support One-to-one service SHOPIJK helps independent sellers in cross-border global transactions